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REVIEW: The ‘Golden’ Tour DVD – Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue – The “Golden” Tour DVD

2018 was a remarkable year in the long music career of Kylie (Minogue). Her first release with new record label BMG “Golden” was a chart topper across the world and featured numerous singles, including the sensational “Dancing” (the lead single), which carry many millions of digital and YouTube ‘hits’. Later in 2018, Kylie embarked on the supporting tour for “Golden“, covering the UK, Europe and eventually Australia, Kylie played to over 250,000 fans in a two and bit hour long show, showcasing many of the great tracks on the “Golden” album together with some greatest hits fans have come to expect from a Kylie show.

The stripped back nature of the sets was in stark contrast to the previous extravaganzas of the “Aphrodite Le Folies” and “Fever2002″ tours. Kylie relied mainly on visual backdrops to a fairly plain stage with the band nicely on show for all to see instead of being hidden away and plenty of room for Kylie and dancers to parade and, well, dance! As with most Kylie shows, there were themes for each segment, but always with a nod to the Country style nature of the album and the wardrobe to match. Kylie and Co. took to the stage at the very beginning with the title track of the album and swiftly began delivering the next twenty six songs with complete professionalism despite six costume changes and a break in the middle!

Whilst “Golden” itself opens the show, Kylie started almost immediately on the hits with “Get Outta My Way” and “Better The Devil You Know” following, before Kylie offers her own version of the Tony Bennett/Bobby Vinton classic “Blue Velvet”. Cue the first costume change as the next section includes and awe-inspiring version of “Confide In Me“, “Where The Wild Roses Grow” (where Kylie sings to a member of the audience), “In Your Eyes” and “A Lifetime To Repair”, arguably the most Hillbilly ditty of the album. The next section begins with the roar of and engine as one of the best loved songs on “Golden” revs up and prepares to ‘burn rubber’. “Shelby ’68” (or as Kylie’s Dad reminds a ’68 Shelby!) is one of the highlights of this show, with Kylie taking her voice down to a more subtle, subdued key.

The outstanding ballad “Radio On” is next in line as Kylie demonstrates the awesome power of her voice and the ability to write a very heartfelt account of recent events in her personal life. The first half finishes with “Wow” and her multi-million seller “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head“. Part two begins with another highlight with a new interpretation of her 2003 number one “Slow“, riding motorcycles and dressed in black leather gear, Kylie and crew soon merge into her duet with Robbie Williams, “Kids” (albeit without Williams himself), before a gorgeous version of “The One“, which begins in ballad form before morphing into the dance-spectacular that we all know it as. ‘Act Four’ closes with the second single to come from “Golden”, the irrefutably addictive “Stop Me From Falling“. Altogether now: “for youuuuuuuu”!

Kylie goes back to 1989 when she opens the next section with her classic hit “Wouldn’t Change A Thing” before offering the audience to join her in Christmas 88/New Year 89 chart topper “Especially For You“. One of THE most outstanding songs ever written or recorded by Kylie is given an airing next, the ‘bonus’ track “Lost Without You” gained an immediate following as soon as “Golden” was released and has also been citied by Kylie herself as a personal favourite, so it was with enormous surprise and delight that it should be performed here when other ‘proper’ album tracks have been missed out. ‘Your song’, Kylie defines “All The Lovers” as, and it’s now become a standard for all her live shows. She offers it with all the love she has for everyone present with gratitude and genuine feeling for one and all.

The penultimate section is an out-and-out disco lovers paradise, headlined by an, at the time unreleased track, “New York City”. With waving arms, Kylie was Queen of the floor and raises the roof with “Raining Glitter” (another fan favourite), while cannons explode glitter and streamers all over the audience quite literally! She continues with another great live favourite “On A Night Like This“, before concluding with “The Locomotion” and “Spinning Around”, demonstrating yet again the power within Kylie’s vocal ability and how far she has developed as a singer in thirty plus years. For her encore, Kylie delivers another all-time classic “Love At First Sight” and of course the lead single from “Golden”, “Dancing“, which plays out for over eight minutes and gives Kylie the chance to thank everyone and wave us all goodbye.

Now, just over a year on from that night, we can relive the ‘Golden Tour’ over and over with the launch of the DVD together with two CD’s of all the songs performed live. Double the pleasure! The Golden Tour was a huge success and must surely count as her best live experience since the Aphrodite shows of 2011 (Hyde Park 2018 excepted!). Stripped back of all the pomp and fanfare of previous shows, this was Kylie, almost naked, just her and the music, giving fans what they wanted to hear and see, without any frills or spills from beginning to end. Definitely an essential addition to any fan’s collection and one to remember for all time. Yeehaw!


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