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FRESH: ‘Favourite’ – Bananarama

Bananarama return with “Favourite”!


In 1982, Bananarama scored their very first hit single with Fun Boy Three on “It Ain’t What You Do…”, now 40 years later, the ladies are back with “Favourite”.

The track is the lead single from their upcoming new album, “Masquerade”, the follow up to their album chart comeback hit, “In Stereo” (2019) and harks back to an early 80’s synth-pop sound with a very modern feel to it.

Back in 1982 it was three young ladies – Siobhan Fahey, Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward – that broke the top five on the singles chart and they came to dominate the music charts for a decade after. For the past thirty years, Sara and Keren have been working as a duo and continued to pump out fresh new music. Last year (2021) they wrote their autobiography, Really Saying Something, taken from the title of their second hit single in 1982.

“Favourite” has a pulsing beat as the ladies demonstrate their strident vocal abilities and continued enthusiasm for recording music – this could very well become a favourite Bananarama tune very quickly! “Masquerade” is Bananarama’s twelfth studio album since “Deep Sea Skiving” in 1983 and their seventh as a duo since 1992’s “Please Yourself” and with a number of live shows booked for this Summer, Sara and Keren show no signs at all of giving up their mantle as the most enduringly successful female group of all time. Now that’s that way that you do it!

The track has been written by Sara’s daughter, singer songwriter Alice Dallin-Walker (Alice D) and Oscar Scheller, and originally appeared on Alice’s 2018 album “Narcissus”. Alice also collaborated with Dallin on several other tracks on the album which has been produced by Ian Masterson, who Bananarama have worked with since their 2009 album, “Viva”.

“Masquerade” is released on 22nd July and is available to pre-order now on the Bananarama website

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