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THEN & NOW: ‘Manchild’ – Neneh Cherry

Following on from last months revival of “Buffalo Stance” with Robyn and Mapei, Neneh Cherry has gone for her other major chart hit, “Manchild”, to redress and reposition in the 21st century.

This time it’s Sia that brings a drum’n’bass vibe to Neneh’s 1989 follow up and the second single from her debut album, “Raw Like Sushi“. This latest version kicks some ass and a few punches along the way and is in no way a reproduction of the soulful epic that those of us of a certain age remember from 33 years ago.

“Manchild” was released at the end of March 1989 and largely peaked in the top five of the singles charts across Europe and gained enormous critical acclaim along the way. The song is well remembered for its simplistic musical backdrop as well as Neneh’s closing rap “This demands for power in the amp you know louds my diagnosis, ’cause I believe in miracles and words in heavy doses”. Indeed.

“Manchild” 1989

“Manchild” 2022

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