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Let’s go all the way…with Sly Fox!

Sly Fox were an American pop-funk duo that consisted of musician Gary ‘Mudbone’ Cooper (b.1953) and singer Michael Camacho (b.1955). They were brough together by producer Ted Currier and signed to Capitol Records in 1985. Although a number of musicians made up the supporting band, Sly Fox was promoted as a duo and at the end of December 1985, released their debut single, “Let’s Go All The Way”. The track hit No.7 on the US singles chart and made the top ten internationally into the early months of 1986, including the UK, where it peaked at No.3.

The duo’s debut album of the same name followed shortly afterwards and would produce a further three singles, although none of these achieved anywhere near the success of their first. Only “Como Tu Te Llama” (What Is Your Name?) attained any focus by making No.13 on the US dance chart while follow up “Stay True” just broke the top 100 on the singles chart. “Let’s Go All The Way” – the album, was only a brief visitor to the charts and slipped into oblivion soon after. Sly Fox continued to perform until they finally called it a day, with no further albums, in 1989.

Gary Cooper has continued to work in the music industry and has worked with the likes of David A. (Eurythmic) Stewart, most recently on his 2006 album, “Fresh Mud”. Michael Camacho turned to acting and directing although he returned to the studio in 2007 to record “Just For You”. He also runs his own Jazz club and founded the band, The Funky Foxes. Since the late 1980’s there has been no indication that the two have remained in contact or of a Sly Fox reunion. They wanted to go all the way, but stopped way short of their target. Oh well.

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