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CHARTS: UK Top 40 Singles Chart 13th May 1986

UK Top 40 Singles Chart for Tuesday 13th May 1986

So this was the chart that Radio 1 DJ Bruno Brookes broadcast from 5-7pm with data from the GALLUP computer based on record sales from Wednesday 7th to Monday 12th May 1986.

This is how the charts USED to look with new entries, climbers and non-movers, all based solely on record purchases.
This week, there were five new entrys, fourteen climbers and two non-movers! And it was announced like this…

40. It’s Immaterial – “Driving Away From Home”
It’s Immaterial survive one more week on the top 40 with their very first chart hit, which is down seven places in its seventh week.

39. Pete Wylie – “Sinful”
Our first new entry come from Pete Wylie, formerly of Wah! who makes his first top 40 appearance with his own name with the lead track from a new album he has coming out very soon.

38. Hear’N’Aid – “Stars”
The rock charity single from Hear’N’Aid goes down nine places this week having spent a month on the UK top 40 but has raised close to $1m worldwide so far.

37. Kate Bush – “The Big Sky”
Kate Bush’s ‘big sky’ widens if only by two places as she takes the fourth single from her “Hounds Of Love” album gently up the chart.

36. The Bangles – “If She Knew What She Wants”
The Bangles are back with a new entry and hoping for at least another top ten hit with the follow up to “Manic Monday” which came so close to the top.

35. Jaki Graham – “Set Me Free”
Britain’s Jaki Graham is currently recording her second studio album and she had a top twenty hit late last year with David Grant that will appear on it. This is her first solo track since “Round And Round” and it brings her back to the top 40 for the first time this year.

34. Robert Palmer – “Addicted To Love”
Also gaining a new entry is Robert Palmer with the third single to come from last year’s “Riptide” album and the first to actually make it this far!

33. Samantha Fox – “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)”
Samantha Fox still wants you to touch her and nine weeks on she lingers on, down nine places, with her very first big hit single.

32. Sam Cooke – “Wonderful World”
The late Sam Cooke also racks up nine weeks on the chart with this re-issue of his 1960 classic that falls seven places this week.

31. Cliff Richard and The Young Ones – “Living Doll”
And a third song that registers nine weeks on the chart is the former number one from Cliff and comedians The Young Ones which is down ten places.

30. Simple Minds – “All The Things She Said”
Simple Minds are down ten as well as their latest leaves the top twenty as they continue to question all the things she said…

29. ZZ Top – “Rough Boy”
Going the other way are ZZ Top with their first UK top 40 hit for some years, which climbs nine places into the top thirty.

28. The SOS Band – “The Finest”
The SOS Band have enjoyed two finest UK top twenty singles in recent years. “Just Be Good To Me” and this one, which is down nine places.

27. Grange Hill Cast – “Just Say No”
The cast of children’s TV show Grange Hill drop fifteen places this week in their fifth week on the chart. You do the math(!)

26. Dire Straits – “Your Latest Trick”
Dire Straits’ latest trick is not to do anything at all as the follow up to “Walk Of Life” stops where it landed this time last week.

25. Status Quo – “Rollin’ Home”
The Quo have a new album coming out shortly and to kick off this is the lead single, which is also this week’s highest new entry!

24. Atlantic Starr – “Secret Lovers”
Having been in the upper half of the UK chart for over two months now, Atlantic Starr leave with their biggest hit here to date which is down seven places.

23. Force MD’s – “Tender Love”
Force MD’s enjoy a much better third week on the top 40 after a slow move seven days ago they move up nine places with their first chart hit here.

22. The Cure – “Boys Don’t Cry”
And going up just one more place this week are The Cure with the new mix of their 1979 release, which is still much much higher than the original achieved.

21. Big Country – “Look Away”
Look away Big Country, cause you’re down and out of the upper half of the chart. The boys new single falls seven places as they put the finishing touches to their new album, due out this Summer.

20. The B-52’s – “Rock Lobster”
There are some big movers in the top twenty this week and they start with The B-52’s going up fifteen places with the re-issue of their debut single from seven years ago.

19. Princess – “I’ll Keep On Loving You”
Sadly for Princess there will be no number one or follow up to “Say I’m Your Number One” as the song in question falls three places.

18. Aurra – “You And Me Tonight”
Aurra are also going down too, five places for them in their fifth week on the chart, the track is the third to come from last year’s album release, “Like I Like it”.

17. Doctor and The Medics – “Spirit In The Sky”
UK band Doctor and The Medics finally hi the top 40 last week but to do so they had to re-record the old Norman Greenbaum number. Week two sees them make a powerful climb of twenty three places, but it’s not the highest!

16. Joyce Sims – “All And All”
American singer Joyce Sims is also moving up again for the fourth week running. Her debut single is two places higher that it was.

15. Queen – “A Kind Of Magic”
There is a Princess and a Queen in the top twenty still this week, the latter are a band and the title track of their forthcoming new album is down six places.

14. Billy Ocean – “There’ll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)”
Having made some slow steps over the past three weeks, Billy Ocean finally makes good with the follow up to his recent number one taking the song thirteen places higher.

13. Van Halen – “Why Can’t This Be Love?”
American rockers Van Halen do the same. This track has also been making steady moves over the last three weeks but jumps into the UK top twenty this week, up nine places.

12. George Michael – “A Different Corner”
Last week George Michael came crashing off the top and out of the top five all together with this former number one. This week sees him leave the top ten, down six places.

11. Matchroom Mob with Chas and Dave – “Snooker Loopy”
The ‘Matchroom Mob’ but better linked with duo Chas and Dave came on board with this new snooker anthem last week and pot all their balls as the song rockets up TWENTY SIX places – definitely this week’s highest of all!

10. Five Star – “Can’t Wait Another Minute”
Five Star can’t wait another minute and they also can’t stay in the same place as they have done for the past two weeks, so they go down three places.

9. Marvin Gaye – “Heard It Through The Grapevine”
Also going down, but only one place lower, is the late Marvin Gaye with the re-release of his 1968 classic, which got to number one back then.

8. Whitney Houston – “The Greatest Love Of All”
Whitney Houston takes over as her latest cut from her self-titled debut album climbs two places. He last two reached the top five, will this one…?

7. Peter Gabriel – “Sledgehammer”
Peter Gabriel was one of last week’s joint highest climbers with his brand new track and he moves into the top ten this week, up eight places.

6. Janet Jackson – “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”
Janet Jackson moves out of the UK top five as her very first hit single here slips one place. She has no ‘control’ over that(!)

5. Madonna – “Live To Tell”
And also going down is Madonna‘s brand new single. The hottest contender for this weeks top spot slides back three places.

4. Falco – “Rock Me Amadeus”
And there’s another fall of three places, this time off the top from Falco. After just one week at number one, he knows all about highs and lows that Wolfgang himself experienced.

3. Level 42 – “Lessons Of Love”
While all else changes around them, Level 42 hang on for a second week in the number three position with their brand new track.

2. Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald – “On My Own”
Moving into second place is last week’s other joint highest climber from Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald, who have taken this song to number one in America. A move of two places here takes them very close to the same spot.

1. Spitting Image – “The Chicken Song”
So, we have a new number one and it’s last week’s highest new entry that climbs TEN places, into the top ten and all the way to the top! So, stick a deckchair up your nose as you made Spitting Image Britain’s biggest seller this week! Can they make it a second, or like Falco, will someone else leap frog into pole position in seven days time? There’s only one way to find out…

Make sure you come back in seven days time for next weeks chart!

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