Rick Astley animated

THEN & NOW: ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ – Rick Astley (Part Two)

Rick Astley has already given us a ‘reimagined’ version of his biggest and best known hit, “Never Gonna Give You Up”, as part of his 2019 greatest hits package, “The Best Of Me”. Recently, however, we have been offered two different interpretations of the video. The first one in Lego and the second, fully animated!

Lego “Never Gonna Give You Up” was the creation of YouTuber Domy13 who really went to town over the sets and characters to make them look authentic and really believable – now why didn’t Rick or SAW do this back in 1987?(!) More recently in 2022, 50/50 Media House have animated the whole video and put a cartoon slant on the billion plus viewed video.

Animator Bruna Pias and Producer Lene Bausager clearly had a field day when they put this one together and you can tell from the attention to detail. All of them Rick fans, but the trouble is, which one is now the most watchable? Rick has recently reissued his debut album, “Whenever You Need Somebody“, in expanded form, amazingly 35 years now since it was first released!

“Never Gonna Give You Up” – live action

“Never Gonna Give You Up” – Lego

“Never Gonna Give You Up” – animation

Check out the 36 track “Whenever You Need Somebody” here and read all about Rick’s debut long player