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COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Don’t Look Any Further’

The song, “Don’t Look Any Further”, was originally recorded by Dennis Edwards in 1984

Duane Hitchings, Franne Golde (b.1952) and Dennis Lambert (b.1947) wrote the song “Don’t Look Any Further” for the singer and former Temptation Dennis Edwards (1943-2018) which he recorded with fellow American Siedah Garrett (yet to record with Michael Jackson). The track was his second solo single and also formed the title of his debut album. Released in April 1984, the song made No.2 on the US R&B chart but only No.72 on the singles chart and No.45 in the UK.

Numerous other acts have recorded, sampled and performed the song over the years but there has only been one true cover from British group M People who recorded their version for their second studio album in 1993, “Elegant Slumming”. Lead vocalist Heather Small performed those sung by Dennis Edwards on the original while backing singer Mark Bell performs the Siedah Garrett part. M People released the song as the third single from the album in late November that year and it peaked at No.9 in the UK and made the top twenty across mainland Europe.

But which version is the best? DENNIS and SIEDAH’s original or M PEOPLE’s cover?