Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go

PLAYLIST: Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go

Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go!

World Off / Music On

It’s great when you discover a fantastic new song by a band or artist that you had never heard of before.

These days, thanks to technology, it’s harder as there are just so many platforms available to us.

So, imagine how hard it is then for the artists or bands hoping to get some of our ear-time.

I am the worst for trying to listen to as much music as possible when I am at home and this sometimes involves over-using the ‘skip to next’ button.

I’ve came up with a solution that will help keep me focussed on new tunes by creating a playlist full of new songs that I will listen to when I am travelling. This can either be when I am travelling to work, jetting off somewhere on holiday or even just travelling by foot.

This way I am my very own captive audience. No distractions of iPads, iPhones, Netflix, cats or anything else that distracts you in a home environment.


A New Music Playlist

I’ve called it ‘Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go’ and it consists of 100 new songs being updated regularly.

Anything goes on this playlist so there will be a little bit of everything!

Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go

Can Anyone Submit A Song?

Sure! Do you know of a brilliant new song that you think more people would like to hear – send it! If you are an artist and would love more exposure – gimme, gimme! If you look after the PR for an artist and want to keep on their good side – yes please!

Does It Cost Anything?

Nope! It’s absolutely free publicity for new music – all that’s asked is that you “share the shit” out of the playlist across your social media weapons of choice but if you do feel like dropping us a little donation then we are fine with that!

How Do I Submit A Song?

Easy! As you might expect we get hundreds of emails per day and some slip through the net. Submit your songs to us via SubmitHub, MusoSoup or MySphera to be guaranteed a listen, not just by us but hundreds of other bloggers, curators, radio stations etc.

What are you waiting for? Get listening, get sharing & get submitting!

Submit YOUR songs to us…

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