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FRESH: ‘Hearts In A Cage’ – Natalie Duncan

Natalie Duncan releases “Hearts In A Cage”

Soul, R&B

London-based singer, songwriter and pianist Natalie Duncan returns to Fallen Tree 1Hundred, the boutique music label curated by Goldie, for new new single, “Hearts In A Cage”.

“Hearts In A Cage” is the first in a series of songs recorded for Fallen Tree. For the recording of the new songs for Fallen Tree 1Hundred, Natalie has teamed up with musician friends close to her heart.

Long-time collaborators Richard Spaven on drums and Alan Mian on bass, along with synth specialist Laurence Jepson, guitarist Rashaan Brown and coming producer/engineer in the studio, Chris Hewitt, all return to energise this rising and standout British talent.

Natalie says: “I wrote this song during the second lockdown and I felt a lot of anguish during that time, a lot was going on socially. The lyrics are a love letter to women, especially black women and girls. It is a message about discovering and falling in love with your identity again after adversity and violence. I had in depth conversations with my Mum who is a Jamaican immigrant. Those powerful conversations lead to her voice being on the track”.

Natalie made her debut in 2012 with her album “Devil In Me” and followed this with “Free” in 2020. She has released a number of EP’s and the singles “Sky Is Falling” in 2012 to “Lies” in 2015. She has also collaborated with Goldie himself on the 2012 single “Freedom” and again in 2017 on “Redemption”. She is perhaps best known for her version of the Etta James classic “At Last”, which featured on a TV advertisement and brought Natalie great exposure. The track was taken from her EP, “Find Me A Home”.

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