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THEN & NOW SPECIAL: Madonna – ‘Finally Enough Love’

Madonna has ‘finally’ released her 50 US Club chart number one’s in one collection, titled “Finally Enough Love”, spanning nearly 40 years of hits from her first, “Holiday” in 1984, to her most recent, “I Don’t Find, I Search” in 2020.

She releases a 16 track selection today on streaming while the full 50 track album will be available from 19th August on both physical and digital formats. This initial ‘taster’ of the full album begins with her very first single release, “Everybody”, originally from 1983 but later a Club chart number one once Madonna had established herself and found commercial success.

This initial helping also includes her recently remastered mixes of “Into The Groove” from 1985 and “Deeper And Deeper” – Dave Morales radio edit – from 1992, as well as “Ray Of Light” – Sasha’s Ultra Violet mix – from 1998, which features on the full 50 track release. “Finally Enough Love” also includes single mixes of “Like A Prayer” and “Vogue” together with club mixes of “Secret”, “Hung Up” and “Girl Gone Wild”.

“Deeper And Deeper” 1992 and 2022

“Ray Of Light” 1998 and 2022

“Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones” is released on 19th August on CD, LP and all streaming services

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