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FRESH: ‘The Last Time’ – Robert O’Connor

Robert O’Connor speaks about “The Last Time”


Robert O’Connor, a good friend of us here at, has recently released his poptastic new single “The Last Time” and not only that, he’s followed it with a Stock Aitken Waterman style Sakgra remix!

Robert has also released the official music video for “The Last Time”, directed by Julyo and filmed by Dario Rodighiero at Dublin bar-restaurant, Hang Dai.

The video mirrors the 80’s origins of the song, which is a cover of ABBA’s Agnetha Fältskog’s solo single from 1987 that featured on her album “I Stand Alone”.

Robert says the brief for the video was “disco balls, neon lights and melodrama”. Ok! “I arrive at the restaurant for my ‘one last time before goodbye’ date, and get stood up”, Robert tells us, “so I spend the rest of the night drinking whiskey and checking my phone”. His outfit, a bright teal suit and pink shirt, are from the latest collection at Racy Henry Street.

“The Last Time” is produced by Gareth Shortland (Steps, Will Young) and recorded by Richey McCourt (musical director for fellow Irish artist Aimée), and is Robert’s eleventh single since his musical return in 2018, which has seen him go from strength to strength, building a niche following and notching up seven top ten placings on the LGBTQ Music Chart so far!

A remix of the “The Last Time” has just been released by Sakgra, who has become popular on YouTube for his remixes for acts such as Bananarama and Kylie, which gives the track a classic PWL makeover, and just in time for Pride month. Pretty convincing we think. Robert in 1988 or Robert in 2022? The choice is yours…(!)

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