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FRESH: ‘Out Of My Head’ – SNY

SNY gets out of her head!


SNY is the artist name for Norwegian singer and musician Toril Snyen, who currently lives in Gotland, Sweden. She has no less than three completely different music projects. Her alt-rock band, Toril Snyen Band, as a Jazz vocalist in Jazz Mode and her own solo electro project, SNY.

As SNY, she has just released her infectious new tune, “Out Of My Head”.

With echoes of early 80’s synth pop and 90’s glamour pop, “Out Of My Head” is SNY’s first new recording from her own solo project in 2022 and follows on from “Us” and “Enough” last year. The track hooks you from the very first second and keeps you locked in throughout its repetitive, pulsing duration, leaving you wanting more, a far cry from her other two concurrent ventures, this is one tune you will be playing again and again this Summer!

For many fans in her home country and Sweden, Toril is best known as the first female singer in the Norwegian cult-doom-metal band Funeral in the 1990’s. Her music is influenced by many different genres and you can hear elements of rock, jazz, synthpop, classical and soul in the tender arrangements and dystopian lyrics. Toril started off with playing classical piano in early age. As years passed she played a lot of jazz and eventually started writing songs.

Her SNY project began in 2019 with the track “The Hole” and took something of a backstep and perhaps became her own personal indulgence as she focused on her group, the Toril Snyen Band. She returned in 2020 with “The Miss”, but stepped up the output in 2021 with two new songs. Let’s hope she doesn’t leave it that long before creating a follow up to “Out Of My Head”…

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