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FRESH: ‘Circles’ – Beth Macari

Beth Macari comes full “Circle”


It’s been some time since we last caught up with Newcastle-based singer Beth Macari. Two years in fact since we profiled her singles, “I Am” and “I Promise”, so we do need an update!

Beth has been busy though, releasing an EP, “Love You More”, which featured a remix of the title track by Nigel Lowis, a man best known for his work with 90’s star, Dina Carroll!

Beth has recently released a brand new track, “Circles”, her first since “Love You More”, and it’s a really amazing tune! A laid-back, R&B infused track that features Beth’s instantly recognisable vocals that builds on her maturity as a songwriter and as an artist. The track is co-written and produced with ‘Phil The Beat’ once more.

“Circles” continues the theme and style of her 2021 single, “Gotta Get Back”, with cool vibes and Beth’s gritty, prominent vocals layering the Jazzy soundtrack, sandwiching the sexy and smoking “Love You More”, which sees Beth at her utmost, electrifying, sassiest best. Beth is performing live this Summer and she also has another new track lined up, “Shoulda Known Better”, hot on “Circles” heels!

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