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CHARTS: UK Top 40 Singles Chart 23rd August 1992

UK Top 40 Singles Chart for Sunday 23rd August 1992

So this was the chart that Radio 1 DJ Bruno Brookes broadcast from 4pm-7pm with data from the GALLUP computer based on record sales from Monday 17th to Saturday 22nd August 1992.

This is how the charts USED to look with new entries, climbers and non-movers, all based solely on record purchases.
This week, thirty years ago, there were eight new entrys, fifteen climbers and four non-movers! And it was announced like this…

40. Faith No More – “A Small Victory”
…is just what Faith No More achieved this time last week, but seven days later, the song suffers a defeat as it falls eleven places.

39. The Shamen – “LSI”
The Shamen suffer a big drop of twenty places this week with their latest single, which has been about for seven weeks, but never fear, there is another one coming very soon!

38. Sting and Eric Clapton – “It’s Probably Me”
We haven’t seen Sting for nearly two years now on the top 40, but he’s back this week with Eric Clapton, who was last seen with Elton John only two weeks ago, with our first new entry.

37. U96 – “Das Boot”
U96 are a German dance act who formed last year. This is their debut single and it lands in the UK top 40 after one week on sale.

36. Cathy Dennis – “You Lied To Me”
Last year was an exceptional year for Cathy Dennis with a hit album and four top 40 singles. She’s been busy recording the follow up, which is out in a few weeks time, and this is the first taste of that album and her first new entry of 1992.

35. Shabba Ranks – “Mr. Loverman”
Shabba Ranks has been telling us for a month now that he is Mr. loverman, but sadly fell short of it last week and drops again this week, nine places.

34. Billy Joel – “All Shook Up”
We welcome Billy Joel back to the UK top 40 this week for the first time in nearly three years with this new entry, which is a cover of Elvis’ 1957 number one. Can he match that with this version…?

33. Thunder – “Low Life In High Places”
Thunder went to higher places with this brand new track last week and now they experience low places as the song goes down eleven places!

32. Junior Giscombe – “Then Came You”
Kim Wilde‘s former musical partner, Junior Giscombe, made his own chart entry last week with this song, which moves up two places in week two.

31. Roy Orbison – “I Drove All Night”
The late Roy Orbison still has two songs in the UK top 40 this week. This one has been around for nine weeks now, his original recording of a song that became a hit for Cyndi Lauper first. It’s down ten places.


30. Hypergogo – “High”
Hypergogo wanna get high and they do achieve that in their second week with their very first top 40 hit as the song climbs three places.

29. Roxette – “How Do You Do?”
Roxette leave the top twenty this week, down nine places with the lead single from their fourth studio album, which is called “Tourism”, and it’s out tomorrow!

28. Ugly Kid Joe – “Neighbor”
Ugly Kid Joe landed their second chart entry on the UK top 40 this time last week with this song and they go up three places with it this week.

27. Bananarama – “Movin’ On”
There is new music next from Bananarama, who celebrate ten years in the top 40 this year, although they do so in reduced form as Jacquie has left them and now it’s just Sara and Keren that give us the very first song from a new album they are working on.

26. Tori Amos – “Silent All These Years”
If Tori Amos has been silent all these years, she isn’t in 1992. Her third UK top 40 hit landed on the chart seven days ago and it goes up thirteen places seven days later.

25. Skid Row – “Youth Gone Wild”
American band Skid Row are back this week with a new entry and it comes from a new EP called “B side Ourselves”. The song marks their first UK top 40 appearance since “Wasted Time” last year.

24. Pop Will Eat Itself – “Bulletproof”
Also back with a new entry are Pop Will Eat Itself this week. This is the follow up to “Karmadrome” earlier this year and the second single to come from their new album which is coming out next month.

23. The Smiths – “This Charming Man”
The Smiths have never charted so high with this song, that originally peaked at No.25 in 1983. They’ve been top ten for the past two weeks but crash out in week three with a big drop of fifteen places.


22. Richard Marx – “Take This Heart”
Our highest new entry this week comes this far down and it’s from Richard Marx, with the follow up to his massive hit “Hazard” and the second single from his latest album, “Rush Street”.

21. Paul Weller – “Uh Huh Oh Yeh”
Paul Weller made the top twenty on his own this time last week with this track, which features on his self-titled debut album. Unfortunately, one week is all he gets and the song goes down three places.

20. Was Not Was – “Shake Your Head”
Was Not Was came into the chart with this song two months ago and it’s given them their best seller here to date. With a fall of ten places, they return to the place where they came in eight weeks ago!

19. Bobby Brown – “Humpin’ Around”
Bobby Brown was last in the UK top twenty back in 1990 with his “Freestyle Megamix”. He returns this week with something new and original with a climb of nine places.

18. Madonna – “This Used To Be My Playground”
The latest new and original song from Madonna goes down five places this week, her sixth on the top 40 here and she’s recording a new album to be released this Autumn.


17. Jose Carreras and Sarah Brightman – “Friends For Life”
Will Jose Carreras and Sarah Brightman remain friends for life after this? They’ve been bouncing up and down the chart for eight weeks now and they were the highest climbers last week, but come down again by six places.

16. Lionel Richie – “My Destiny”
Lionel Richie has a new greatest hit album out and this is the second new song from it and it does much better than the first as he moves up fourteen places to become one of two joint highest climbers this week.

15. Take That – “I Found Heaven”
Better news for Take That this week. Their second top twenty hit went down in week two, last week, but rebounds and goes up two in week three.

14. Kylie Minogue – “What Kind Of Fool?”
Also going up two places is Kylie Minogue with her newest song, which she co-wrote with Mike Stock and Pete Waterman and will feature on her first greatest hits album coming out in two weeks time.

13. Roy Orbison and kd Lang – “Crying”
Roy is back and with his is Canadian singer kd Lang with the re-recorded version of his 1961 hit, which rockets up the UK chart, eleven places.

12. Betty Boo – “Let Me Take You There”
Betty Boo still wants to take you there after four weeks on the chart and she’s edging closer to the top ten this week with a climb of three places.


11. 2 Unlimited – “Magic Friend”
Edging even closer are 2 Unlimited as they go up one more place to sit just outside the top ten, where all three of their previous releases have peaked.

10. Jimmy Nail – “Ain’t No Doubt”
The former number one from Jimmy Nail goes down three places this week as he notches up two months in the top ten from is entry position.

9. Annie Lennox – “Walking On Broken Glass”
Coming back to the top ten this week is Annie Lennox with the third single from her album “Diva” and with a climb of fourteen places, she is this week’s other joint highest.

8. KWS – “Rock Your Baby”
Meanwhile, last week’s highest new entry from KWS moves up six places as they also return to the top ten and hoping for a second number one.

7. Freddie Mercury and Monterrat Cabelle – “Barcelona”
Both Olympic Games themes are falling this week and Freddie Mercury and Monterrat Cabelle’s unofficial one is going down five places having been in the number two spot for the past two weeks.

6. Felix – “Don’t You Want Me?”
Producer Felix asks “Don’t You Want Me?”, but it seems we want him no greater as his very first chart hit remains in the same position for a second week.

5. Jon Secada – “Just Another Day”
Also a non-mover is Jon Secada with his debut single. He moved into the top five last week and that’s where he stays for a second running.


4. Undercover – “Baker Street”
Undercover‘s cover of Gerry Rafferty’s original version of this song does that this week as they leap frog and go up five places, hoping they can take this version to the top.

3. Billy Ray Cyrus – “Achy Breaky Heart”
More non-movers now as Billy Ray Cyrus stays put in third place with his hoedown and an achy break heart at not being this week’s number one.

2. Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson – “The Best Things In Life Are Free”
Climbing ever higher are Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson as they go up two places into the number two spot. Neither have ever been this high in the UK top 40, but can they go even higher…?

1. Snap – “Rhythm Is A Dancer”
For this week, however, it’s Snap that are crowned number one as they keep the top spot for a fourth week. Can they make it five, or will Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson, Undercover or someone else knock them off? There’s only one way to find out…

Make sure you come back in seven days time for next weeks chart!

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