THEN & NOW: Blancmange

Blancmange were one of the breakout acts in the ever changing world of music as the 70’s gave way to the 1980’s and a new sound was being generated from electronic instruments and the very first computers. In an era of Depeche Mode and The Human League but before the arrival of the Pet Shop Boys and Erasure, Stephen Luscombe, Neil Arthur and Laurence Stevens formed Blancmange in 1979.

Even before success came their way, Laurence Stevens left the setup and Stephen and Neil decided to continue as a duo. Their third single, “Living On The Ceiling”, became their breakout anthem in 1982 and the group went on to rack up further chart hits with “Blind Vision” in 1983 and “Don’t Tell Me” in 1984.

To date, they have released fifteen studio albums and the sixteenth, “Private View”, is out now! Having announced they were ‘taking a break’ in 1986, Stephen and Neil forged their own solo careers but found after 25 years what they really wanted was a reformation. “Blanc Burn” was the comeback album in 2011 and they haven’t stopped since!

Blancmange 1982

Blancmange 2022

“Private View” is released on London Records, Blancmange’s original label

Blancmange today