kenny thomas

THEN & NOW: Kenny Thomas

Kenny Thomas is not a name that you hear much about these days. Back in the early 90’s the former boxer and telephone enginner was always around with his soulful smile and his soulful collections of hits that took many by surprise (make sure you read our Where Are They Now? feature).

Since the hits dried up, Kenny has devoted much of his life towards his family, but hasn’t let go of ‘the dream’ completely. He has popped up at 90’s revival festivals and in 2016, he became the new ‘Richard Darbyshire’, when he joined the group Living In A Box as their lead singer. Since then, the new ‘Box’ have toured extensively as Kenny gets to grips with living in a cardboard box(!)

But more than a decade since the release of his last solo work, Kenny is back with a stonking new sound and a wicked new single with “Contagious”! Is it ‘outstanding’? It could well be. Let’s hope Kenny ‘stay’s around for some time yet and has more to offer as a solo performer and recording artist. Welcome back Kenny.

Kenny Thomas 1991

Kenny Thomas 2022

“Contagious” is out now and available to download and stream