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FRESH: ‘Anywhere From Here’ (EP) – Seafret

Seafret release new EP “Anywhere From Here”


It’s been two years since Jack and Harry of Seafret released their second studio album “Most Of Us Are Strangers“, but having tempted us with a couple of new tracks recently, they are back with an EP!

Having recently delivered their captivating comeback singles “Hollow” and “Pictures” earlier this year, the Bridlington boys reveal “Anywhere From Here”, showcased by the stunning “Running Out Of Love”.

Inspired after reconnecting with their native Yorkshire home during the pandemic, “Anywhere From Here” sees the pair try to make sense of this ever-changing world around us. From dealing with loss and sorrow, finding and maintaining relationships, to keeping a steady head in these uncertain times, their newest collection is a reflection of how so many of us have been permanently altered these last few years.

Highlighted by their newest single “Running Out Of Love”, they hone themselves on how the Internet is constantly undermining our confidence when it comes to the ones we love, and how holding onto those sacred bonds has become harder than ever. Sometimes, to figure things out, you have to go right back to where you started. For Seafret, it took returning to their native Yorkshire to reconnect with the things that matter, and begin producing their best, most meaningful music to date.

“Pictures” was written shortly after Sedman and his partner discovered they were expecting their first child. He began to visualise what life would be like as a new father, and how he’d feel watching his son or daughter growing older. It’s a sentiment echoed on “Hollow”, about the impact the loss of a loved one can have on the people they leave behind. Sedman wrote it right in the depths of lockdown, thinking about the grandparents he was unable to visit. While the classic “Running Out Of Love”, which matches their previous release “Fall” for epicness, addresses those relationships that don’t make it.

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