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FRESH: ‘Idol’ – Mirei

Mirei celebrates being an “Idol”


Japanese artist Mirei releases her new single “Idol” today, a song that sheds light on the struggles she personally faced within the music industry, the accompanying video takes it one step further.

Starring Kanon — a long-time friend, singer, model, and former member of J-Pop group Dancing Dolls — the video showcases the reality of young girls in the industry who sacrifice their own mental and physical health.

An idiosyncratic talent and voice of her generation, both musically and lyrically, Mirei has been praised for her efforts in tackling issues in the Asian music scene that are often swept under the rug or unrecognised overseas, as well as cultural topics and social issues. This can be seen on her 2020 English-language debut album, “Take Me Away”, which speaks to heavy hitting topics including the power imbalances between genders and deeply conformist culture while also paying tribute to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

The album features her hit single, “Lonely In Tokyo”, which showcases the dark side of Japan’s city life and entertainment industry as experienced by two different girls. Also features is previous offering “Sell Me Your Love” that re-tells a harrowing 2019 incident that took place in the red-light district of Tokyo where a woman fatally knifed her then-boyfriend while waling listeners through the tightrope between passion and jealousy that arises when love is treated as a commodity.

Mirei is a multifaceted singer/songwriter who uniquely blends elements of pop, J-pop, R&B, electronic, and house to create a kaleidoscopic global sound. Since releasing music in English internationally in 2019, Mirei’s compelling lyricism which showcases fearless honesty in her music, has been heard and embraced beyond borders, garnering over 22 million total streams.

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