Bananarama 1982

THEN & NOW: 40 Years of Bananarama – Part Two

Forty years on and Bananarama are still kicking the great tunes out. Their latest is “Running With The Night”, one of the highlights from their sensational new album, “Masquerade“, released recently and which debuted at No.22 in the UK, their highest charting album since their self-titled second album in 1984!

40 years ago, the Sara, Keren and Siobhan released “Cheers Then” in the Autumn of 1982, their fifth single and the follow up to “Shy Boy”. While the song broke their run of top five hits in the UK, it has become a fan favourite and was performed live when the three reunited in 2017 for their sellout Original Lineup tour.

Ten years later and it was just Sara and Keren who recorded and released “Last Thing On My Mind” in late 1992. The track was their second working with Mike Stock and Pete Waterman and followed “Movin’ On”. Again, this down-tempo number was not the success the former was but later found greater appeal with Steps. Their version was recorded in 1998 and went to No.6 in the UK and No.5 in Australia.

Bananarama 1982

Bananarama 1992

Bananarama 2022

“Masquerade” the album is out now and Bananarama are touring this year and into 2023