It’s Chico time! Yes, where is he now?

Born into a Moroccan family, Yousseph Slimani was actually born in South Wales in 1971, before his parents returned to their native homeland. Yousseph worked as a dancer and then a stripper in Morocco before returning to the UK in his 20’s, where he indulged in his real passion for music. He began songwriting at the turn of the 21st century before applying as a contestant on the 2005 series of X Factor. Despite some unhelpful ‘advice’ from Mr. Simon Cowell, Yousseph, now calling himself ‘Chico’, made to the television heats. Chico survived a number of weeks, but only just, until he was finally voted out in the quarter finals.

Among his repartee, he was seen to be singing songs by Ricky Martin, Rod Stewart and Enrique Igelsias and in week five, performed an original song written by himself called “It’s Chico Time”. Having been voted out of the contest, Chico released his single in February 2006 and he proved the rest wrong when it went straight into the top of the UK chart! For his next outing, he reworked the classic Disco track, “D.I.S.C.O.”, by Ottawan in 1979 and ‘amended’ the lyrics to “C.H.I.C.O.”! The song made it to No.24 on the singles chart. Chico released his one and only album so far, “Lights, Camera, Action”, later in 2006 which featured two further single, “Curvy Cola Bottle Body Baby” and “Are You in It For Love?”, neither of which were a success. His last commercial single release came in 2010 when he hooked up with the England football team for a rework of his best known tune, “It’s England Time”.

Since then, he has regularly popped up on daytime TV shows, celebrity quiz shows and other talent contests. A must see is his appearance on a charity edition of dating show, Blind Date, in 2006, where he was matched alongside James Bond himself, Sir Roger Moore, and actor Richard E Grant for the chance to win a date with a famous lady who asked or rather didn’t ask any of the questions herself. The reason being, they all would have recognised her voice! That lady was none other than Dame Edna Everage! And it was Chico she picked! Chico suffered a stroke in 2018 which has since limited his appearances and performances, and makes it less likely that we shall see a return to form or the music scene perhaps for some time to come. Take it easy Chico and look after yourself.

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