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FRESH: ‘World On Fire’ – T’Pau

T’Pau deal with a “World On Fire”

Soft Rock-Country

35 years ago, Shrewsbury band T’Pau made their chart debut with “Heart And Soul”. The song made the top five on both sides of the Atlantic and was followed by the five week chart topper “China In Your Hand”.

Last year T’Pau released their essential anthology, their complete works including recent singles “Run” and “Be Wonderful“. Now they add another new track to that list with the release of “World On Fire”.

“World On Fire” is a more subdued sound that we have come to expect from the rock-pop outfit headed by lead singer Carol Decker that deals with the issues affecting us all in today’s world from poverty to war and a lack of hope for the future.

Carol herself says of the song “The lyrics are comprised of my musings on various world events that have been ruminating in my head over the last few years. The music has almost a cowboy feel to it which seems about right as the world seems to be run by cowboys lately so it felt like the right time for you to hear it.”

Well, that time is now, so listen up, T’Pau are socking it to you, whether you want to face up to reality or not. Moody and melancholic, this is a side of T’Pau yet unheard and only comes with great wisdom and experience. Rock on Carol!

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