Matt Goss

THEN & NOW: 35 Years of Matt Goss

Matt Goss has just released a new version of the title track from his amazing album of this year, “The Beautiful Unknown“. Recorded with The London Philharmonic Orchestra, the song is a reminder of his Las Vegas showman days and comes as Matt celebrates 35 years in music!

It was back in 1987 that Bros burst onto the scene with their late 87-early 88 smash “When Will I Be Famous?”, the answer to which has been with Matt himself ever since. Bros were the teen sensations of the end of that decade and reached number one in 1988 with “I Owe U Nothing”, which was actually their debut single earlier in 1987, but didn’t do so well.

Matt updated “When Will I Be Famous?” only two years ago with a slinky, Jazzy new version of the song that again compliments his newest recording of one of the standout tracks on this years hit album, that put Matt back in the UK top ten, and deservedly so.

Matt Goss 1987

Matt Goss 2020

Matt Goss 2022

“The Beautiful Unknown” album is out now, check out our review here