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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The Ones YOU Miss The Most – 2022

Where Are They Now? – The Top Ten!

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10. Alannah Myles (7)

Alannah Myles

Despite having released her biggest and best known song in 1989, it was only last year that Alannah Myles made her debut on our top ten. She gets a second year but goes down three places with that sure Southern style. Still interested in knowing what became of her…?

9. Starship (NE)


There are three newcomers to this year’s countdown and this one has been bubbling under the ten for some time now so we welcome Starship in all their guises and different names finally to our best loved and most missed list. Was it “We Built This City” or “Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now” that made you want to know where these guys and gals are now?

8. Jon Secada (NE)

jon secada

30 years ago, Gloria Estefan songwriter Jon Secada made his own debut with the song “Just Another Day”. With that anniversary, interest in what became of Jon afterwards has been significant. Was it just another one-hit wonder or does Jon keep on pumping those Summer hits out now? Only one way to find out…

7. The Shamen (9)

The Shamen

Like Jon Secada, The Shamen too have celebrated a 30th anniversary in 1992. The release of their album “Boss Drum” spawned four successive UK top ten hits including the infamous number one, “Ebeneezer Goode” and so interest in them and what they are upto 30 years later has been intense. A climb of two places on last year’s chart confirms that. Sorted!

6. Jimmy Somerville (3)

Jimmy Somerville

Jimmy Somerville is here again for the hundreth year running! He stays top ten but goes down three places as interest in what this former Communard is doing these days remains strong. Is he still a “Smalltown Boy” or can he never say goodbye to the many millions who still cherish his work and want to know that he is well and active?

5. Mr. Mister (NE)

Mr Mister

There’s another 80’s band that make their debut on our top ten most missed list this year and they are also the highest new entry this year as well. Back in 1986, Mr. Mister had “Broken Wings”, but over 35 years later, the band have learned to fly again and make it to our top five with strong interest in what they are all up to these days. Just ask “Kyrie”…

4. Deee-Lite (5)


In 1990, Lady Miss Kerr, Towa-Tei and Super DJ Dmitry very nearly scored a UK chart topper with their debut single, “Groove Is In The Heart”. It came down to just a handful of copies, but the re-released “The Joker” by Steve Miller Band just pipped them. How do people feel 32 years later? Well, the trio arrived on our chart last year and go up one place twelve months later.

3. Shampoo (RE)


There’s a big re-entry on our chart this year for the Shampoo girls, who we last saw this high back in 2020. They have two more years to go before their debut single, “Trouble”, turns 30 but it appears people want to know what happened to them and where they both are now. Can you help us…?

2. The Jets (2)

The Jets 1985

Family values dominate the top of our chart this year and it’s the family Wolfgramm that go first. They made it to number two last year and that’s where they remain for a second year running. The Jets bagged a big hit back in 1985 with “Crush On You”. Now they’ve all grown up, what happened to them and are they still performing together as a family unit…?

1. The Corrs (6)

The Corrs

The top spot this year sees the family Corr climb five places to claim our most, most missed musical act of 2022. The Irish quartet reunited this year for some live performances in Australia, fuelling strong rumours of a comeback and new music. Is it true, or are they just “Dreams”? What can we do to make you happy? All is revealed and more in our most read, most popular feature this year!


But it doesn’t end there. We’ve continued to evolve this section in 2022 with a new feature every week and we are always constantly seeking out those elusive artists of yesteryear, celebrating their career and asking just ‘where are they now?’.

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