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COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Get Ready’

The song, “Get Ready”, was originally recorded by The Temptations in 1966

Smokey Robinson (b.1940) wrote the song “Get Ready” for American vocal group The Temptations. It featured on their fourth studio album “Gettin’ Ready” and served as the lead single when released in February 1966. The track peaked at No.29 in the US and No.10 in the UK. It was the last song written and produced by Smokey for the group.

American band Rare Earth covered the song in 1970 for their album of the same name. Their version was released in February also and became their very first hit, taking it to No.4 in the US and No.1 in Canada. Australian singer Carol Hitchcock (b.1959) recorded an uptempo version of the song, courtesy of producers Stock Aitken Waterman, in 1987, which got to No.18 in her homeland and only No.56 in the UK.

But which version is the best? THE TEMPTATIONS original or CAROL’s cover?

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