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Alysha Warren followed in the footsteps of a successful older sister, but did she really mean the world to us?

Paula Alysha Wallen was born in London in 1971 the younger sister of Mica Wallen, better known as Mica Paris. Losing her first name and at first calling herself Alisha Warren, she signed to RCA Records aged 17 and made her own musical debut in 1989 with the single “Touch Me”. The track was not a massive commercial success, just missing the UK top 75, while her sister had enjoyed four top 40 hit singles in the past twelve months. Further releases were also not enormously successful and her early 1990 follow up, “Discover Me”, did anything other than, only just creeping into the top 100 in the UK.

‘Alisha’ disappeared for a few years but rebranded and returned in 1994 using the correct spelling of her middle name this time and released the ‘comeback’ single “I’m So In Love”. Alysha Warren was now signed to Polydor Records, who invested in more promotion for her and it kinda worked as “I’m So In Love” reached a new chart high of No.61! Faring much better was her March 1995 single, “I Thought I Meant The World To You”, which at long last broke the top 40 at No.40, before promptly departing after one week. Further singles did not chart at all but she was back in 1996, this time as a vocalist on dance act The Nightcrawlers release, “Keep On Pushing Our Love”, which charted at No.30. Despite being her highest position, Alysha retreated into the shadows and was not heard of again.

Alysha still performs in clubs, church choirs and occasionally on television and in December 2022, she released a brand new song, “Change”, her first for many years, through her social media pages. The track was written seven years earlier and is produced by Stuart Green. See what you think…

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