THEN & NOW: Alison Goldfrapp

It’s been a while, but lead singer and namesake Alison Goldfrapp is back, this time as a solo artist, with a brand new single, “Digging Deeper”, with German producer Claptone, the first to come from a her new studio album. The song is both transient and melodic with Alison’s sweeping vocal cascading the pulsing harmony throughout.

It was back in 2017 that the group last graced us with the album “Silver Eye”, which was a top ten success in the UK and produced four singles. Goldfrapp were presented with the Ivor Novello inspiration award in 2021 for their excellence in songwriting. Alison teamed up with Norwegian duo Röyksopp in 2022 on their single “Impossible”, taken from their album “Profound Mysteries”.

Goldfrapp arrived on the scene in 1999 and delivered their debut album, “Felt Mountain”, the following year. The early 00’s saw the band break out commercially with the hit singles “Strict Machine” (2003), “Ooh La La” (2005) and “A&E” (2008), while their 2005 album “Supernature” was a million seller around the world.

Goldfrapp 2003

Alison Goldfrapp 2023

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