sophie ellis-bextor 2023

SPOTLIGHT: The Latest From SEB In 2023

Sophie Ellis-Bextor returns with new music!

It’s been a busy few months for Sophie Ellis-Bextor with recent collaborations with Sega Bodega on the track “Hypnotized” and the re-recording of Betty Boo‘s “Shining Star” as a duet. 2023 has already seen her guest vocal on Japanese duo Rhyme So’s new version of Malcolm McLaren’s “Deep In Vogue” and now she follows that with her own brand new song, “Breaking The Circle”.

“Breaking The Circle” is the first taster of her upcoming seventh studio album, “Hana”, her first collection of new songs since “Familia” in 2016 and sees her return to a more band style of Pop that takes her back to her days in Theaudience, pre-Spiller and mainstream chart success.

Her contribution to “Deep In Vogue” catches SEB working with Rhyme So – Shinichi Osawa and poet/performer Rhyme – who debuted in 2019 with the track “Just Used Music Again”. The follow up “Fashion Blogger” went viral in 2020. “Deep In Vogue” is a cover of a Malcolm McLaren track from his 1989 album “Waltz Darling” that featured the UK top 40 hits “Something’s Jumping In Your Shirt” and the title track.

“Deep In Vogue” – then and now

Sophie Ellis-Bextor 2023

“Hana” will be released on 2nd June on Cooking Vinyl Records