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FRESH: ‘Alone But Not Lonely’ – Juliana Tucker

Juliana Tucker is “Alone But Not Lonely” no longer


Emerging LA-born Pop singer and songwriter Juliana Tucker has just released the latest track, “Alone But Not Lonely”, from her upcoming debut EP. The track is a cool, vibrant Electro-Pop number with angelic vocals.

Juliana will release her very first, six-track EP, “The Great Indoors”, on 3rd March, from which her previous songs “Breakup High”, “Bad Friends” and the dark “Let Me Let Loose” will all feature.

“The Great Indoors” beautifully showcases Juliana’s vocal and songwriting talents, as evidenced by the new single and the title track “The Great Indoors”. The independently released collection digs deep into raw and honest emotions and what it means to know oneself through the lens of all relationships from romance to friendship.

Juliana Tucker crafts thought-provoking and playful lyrics that are brought to life with her distinctive soft vocal tonality in the style Electro-Pop, indie pop, pop ballads, and even melodic rapping. Having grown up in Los Angeles in a family with deep musical roots, Juliana eventually found herself singing on American Idol at the age of 16, where she notably made it past the infamous Hollywood Round and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler deemed, “you have the IT factor!”

Since debuting in late 2020 with her original songs, Juliana has racked up over 220,000 streams on Spotify, while garnering a growing list of media attention and support.

Each of the previously released songs and now “Alone But Not Lonely” have their own personalities and are unique to Juliana, her creativity and her passion for being her own boss and doing this her way. We hope she succeeds. Give it a listen!

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