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COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Never Never Gonna Give You Up’

The song, “Never Never Gonna Give You Up”, was originally recorded by Barry White in 1973

Crooner Barry White (1944-2003) – ‘The Walrus Of Love’ – wrote, produced and recorded the song “Never Never Gonna Give You Up” in 1973 for his second studio album “Stone Gon”. It was released as the lead single in June that year and peaked at No.7 in America and No.14 in the UK. The song was remixed in 1987 by Paul “19” Hardcastle and released as a single in January 1988 although this was less successful.

British singer Lisa Stansfield offered a womans viewpoint on the track when she recorded “Never Never Gonna Give You Up” for her self-titled fourth studio album in 1997. Her version was released as the second single in June that year and she took it to No.25 in the UK and No.74 in America, where the Frankie Knuckles remix topped the US Club chart. Her “Never Never Gonna Give You Up” was a top ten hit across much of Europe.

But which version is the best? BARRY’s original or LISA’s cover?

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