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FRESH: ‘Forever Seeking’ – The Colony

The Colony are “Forever Seeking”


Glasgow alt-metal quintet The Colony have just released their new single, “Forever Seeking”, the second from the band’s upcoming album “Have Hope”, due for release 7th April.

Following the relentless first single “Ex-Hail”, “Forever Seeking” is a slower, powerful and inspiring ballad. Lyrically, the song explores themes of self-improvement and forgiveness, topics that are illustrated in the video.

The Colony’s upcoming fourth album “Have Hope” was produced by Steven Jones and is shaping up to be the band’s most accomplished work yet, showcased by the sumptuous new single, easy on the ear and melting in the mouth.

Quickly building momentum, The Colony have toured Ireland and Eastern Europe on the back of the critical acclaim reaped by their “Time Of Wolves” album. They have played several open-air festivals in Romania and returned to the UK for a tour with their friends in Godstone.

With The Colony, a new peak is only ever a challenge to climb even higher, and in the summer of 2019 they announced their new full length album “Smoke And Mirrors”. For this set of songs, the band have taken everything that made their previous efforts so successful and seemingly effortlessly, just raised the bar in every department. “Smoke And Mirrors” saw the light of day in late September 2019, however the band didn’t get the chance to tour due to the pandemic.

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