Belinda Carlisle 2023

THEN & NOW: Belinda Carlisle

Belinda Carlisle is back in the land of Pop with her superb new single, “Big Big Love”! It marks Belinda’s first new material since the euphoric “Sun” in 2013 and is written by old friend Diane Warren, who was also behind “Gonna Be You” that Belinda co-vocalled on earlier this year.

“Big Big Love” is uplifting in spirit and comes with the news of Belinda’s FIRST ever EP, “Kismet”! Belinda has been touring for the past year with her Decades tour taking in all her solo material from 1986’s “Mad About You” to her global hits “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”, “Leave A Light On” and “Live Your Life Be Free”.

Back in 1986, Belinda hit the top five in America with “Mad About You” and first worked with Diane Warren on her “Heaven On Earth” album and the singles “I Get Weak” and “World Without You”. It was 30 years ago that Belinda introduced us to something else big, her “Big Scary Animal”! The lead single from the “Real” album went top twenty in the UK, where Belinda has enjoyed consistent success since late 1987.

It has been six years since her last full studio album, “Wilder Shores” and a full 26 years since her last Pop album, “A Woman And A Man”, which produced three UK chart hit singles. Belinda resumes her Decades tour this Spring and Summer, so make sure you catch her, even if it’s for the 500th time!

Belinda Carlisle 1993

Belinda Carlisle 2023

“Kismet” is released on 12th May on BMG