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COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Get Down Saturday Night’

The song, “Get Down Saturday Night”, was originally recorded by Oliver Cheatham in 1983

The Disco-Funk track “Get Down Saturday Night” was written by Kevin McCord and singer Oliver Cheatham (1948-2013) as the lead track from his second studio album, “Saturday Night”, in 1983. The song was released in April that year and became Oliver’s first UK chart hit, peaking at No.38. It made No.37 on the US R&B chart. Oliver was never a big commercially successful artist and ditched his own recording career in the 1990’s to become a backing singer.


…”Get Down Saturday Night” was used and sampled a number of times until 2003, when Italian producer Vito Lucente (b.1971), better known as Junior Jack covered/reproduced/reworked the song under the new title of “Make Luv”. Calling himself ‘Room 5’, Jack’s version was an enormous Dance hit across the world, topping the UK singles chart alone and selling over 600,000 copies there. It went top ten across mainland Europe. Cheatham’s original “Get Down Saturday Night” was also used on the 2004 smash, “The Weekend”, by Michael Gray.

But which version is the best? OLIVER’s original or ROOM 5’s rework?

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