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REVIEW: ‘Wonderland’ – Seafret

Seafret – “Wonderland”

It’s a little over three years since Jack and Harry – Bridlington’s finest, Seafret – released their second studio album, “Most Of Us Are Strangers” and it is with great anticipation that they finally bring us the follow up, “Wonderland”. Having teased with a number of tracks in recent months, this is it, the full twelve-track masterpiece that kicks off with the fast-paced “Never Say Never”. As with their earlier single, “See, I’m Sorry“, you quickly realise their musical direction has shifted in both tone and brightness, both tracks begin this new collection and both are instant crowd-pleasers with instantly quotable lyrics and chorus lines that should get everyone joining in when the boys take to the road, as they are this Spring.

The duo issued the title track alongside the album’s release and what a great title for this new beginning for the pair. “Wonderland” is the kind of mature sound of a well-established musical act that still bely their young age but experience and knowledge in the industry and also from fan demand, as it is them who lead and tell Seafret just what they want. “Wonderland” is another rapid, guitar-heavy tune that continues this dive into the fantastical and that continues with the gorgeous “Had Enough”, with an on-off soulful beat that again takes the overall sound just out of Seafret’s comfort zone, but very definitely their own. Another aspect of this album you notice from the word go is the strength and confidence in Jack’s vocal to deliver a power-packing performance above the often epic soundtrack of each song. This is never more heartfelt than with “Made Of Love”, a stripped back acoustic ballad, and a worthy successor to “Breathe” if ever there was.

“Summertonic” – what a great title for a song – and what a great song too! This track returns us to the uptempo mood that begun this album, shimmering and fully infused with sunshine, with this tune, you are transported to the great outdoors, sipping cocktails, or whatever you tipple, weekends go on and on and never end. This track could be great with some remixes, who knows, it could happen and Seafret could move into a club environment…! “Solid Gold” is another track that does what it says on the label. Not as racey but a great indie-pop anthem and full of positivity. A love song with a difference, a love song in the Seafret style. The lead single and first track from the album, “Running Out Of Love“, comes next and it’s hard to believe that nearly a year has past since we first heard it to now and the full album. The song uses the acoustic guitar in a Spanish style to give “Running Out Of Love” a Latin feel and another superb Summer tune to accompany “Summertonic”.

Seafret pick up the pace with “Remind Me To Forget You” a passionate drum-based tune that again feels dreamy and full of atmosphere, laid back and chilled, lounge music, call it what you want, irrefutabley toxic and catchy. The superb music continues with “Real Love Story”, a tragi-dramatic story that lyrically picks up where “See, I’m Sorry” left off. If it’s uptempo, feel-good sounds you crave then wait no longer as “Inferno” ignites and within a few seconds you feel this is going to catch fire and really take off. And it doesn’t disappoint. “Inferno” is one of many standout tracks from this album and another of those afternoon Summer party tunes. Wistful yet something you can shake you head to and let go. Seafret have shifted their tone with so much of this album into the dream-pop genre and “Inferno” is a case in point. Smoking. All too soon it’s time to say goodnight and we close with the gorgeous “Pictures“, a classic Seafret sound that harks back to the very beginning, when we all fell in love with their sound and style.

Jack and Harry have done good, yet again with “Wonderland”. There is no let up in their ability to craft a superb string of songs together and transport you to a different time and place, somewhere where all emotions are free to run wild and with each other. Where the listener is free to wallow in acres of luciousness and bathe in the beauty of this new collection that enforces once again that Seafret are not only ahead of the game, but the only competitors in this race. Make sure you catch them live this year, if you haven’t already seen them live. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! Long may they lead. Wonderful.

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