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FRESH: ‘Satellite’ – Flawes

Flawes transmit their latest from a “Satellite”


Hot off the back of their last electro-fantastic tune “Don’t Blame Me“, British band Flawes are back with “Satellite”, a head of their new album, “One Step Back, Two Steps Forward”.

Fresh from making a big impression as guests on Tom Grennan’s recent tour the trio’s album – out 9th June – is already loaded with anthemic tunes from “Don’t Blame Me” to “Tears Won’t Show” and “Is It Any Wonder?”.

With “Satellite”, vocalist Josh ‘JC’ Carruthers’ delivers the purest of love songs with a very personal touch. Fittingly, a song about a love that stretches to the stratosphere and beyond also stands out due to a space-inspired sonic motif, a pulsating synth which sounds like a space shuttle’s radar. It creates an enticing off-kilter edge to the song’s brooding, alt-pop balladry, which presents a different sound to the zesty tracks which have preceded it.

“Satellite” is written by Flawes with SHELLS and the track’s producer Toby Scott. The single provides further evidence that Flawes have ‘levelled up’ with “One Step Back, Two Steps Forward”. Its maximalist style unites the creative synths and bass-heavy rhythms beloved of alt-pop. But it’s also rich with time-honoured songwriting that brims with melody, high-rise hooks and sheer motion as well as the undeniable musicianship of a band with a background as session musicians for name artists. It’s energisingly direct too, as the band make each moment matter, heightened the immediacy of every song with a lean, straight-to-the-point attack.

Flawes’ podcast ‘Meet At The Hotel Bar’ has been attracting plenty of attention since launching last month. Each fortnight, the boys invite fans to listen in on a conversation with a friend from the world of music to unveil the larger-than-life, outrageous or simply unbelievable experiences that come with a life spent on tour. Next Monday’s episode features Thom Powers from The Naked and The Famous, while future guests include Natti Shiner of Fickle Friends and Rhino of Status Quo.

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