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FRESH: ‘Giving Up On Love’ – Rick Astley

Rick Astley goes back to 1989 for his latest release


Does this qualify as Fresh? Well, Rick Astley has just released his 1989 single “Giving Up On Love” as a digital EP for the very first time, as well as the HD video to accompany it!

The track, written by Rick himself, had a limited release outside the UK, notably in America, Canada and France and was taken from his 1988 studio album, “Hold Me In Your Arms“.

Rick was also co-producer of the song along with Daize Washbourn and it served as the penultimate single from the album in the Spring of 1989. Oddly, only three were released in the UK with the title track the final cut in February that year. Rick would next grace the UK singles chart in early 1991 with “Cry For Help”.

“Giving Up On Love” peaked at No.38 in the US, No.45 in Canada and No.46 in France and had almost no involvement from Stock Aitken Waterman, except with Mike Stock himself being one of the backing singers. The EP comes with the remastered 7″ single version, the 12″ extended mix, an R&B mix and a dub version of the song, all of which were available on the original pressing Stateside back in 1989.

Rick will re-issue the “Hold Me In Your Arms” album on 12th May in expanded form with remixes and B sides, all ‘cleaned up’ and sounding crisp as the day they were recorded, 35 years ago. The video to “Giving Up On Love” has also been given similar treatment and can now be viewed in HD quality. “Hold Me In Your Arms” features the lead single “She Wants To Dance With Me” and two further UK top ten hits “Take Me To Your Heart” and the title track itself.

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