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THEN & NOW: Inner City

DJ and producer Kevin Saunderson founded Inner City in the mid 1980’s and along with singer Paris Grey, they enjoyed big club and commercial hits with “Big Fun” and “Good Life” in 1988. Kevin is back with a brand new song, “Reach”, which features singer Steffanie Christi’an.

“Reach” follows his collaboration with actor Idris Elba in 2020 on the song “We All Move Together”, and epitomises Inner City’s soulful and uplifting techno sound. “Reach” arrives on a wave of deep rolling grooves and sweet melodic piano. Centred around a powerful lead vocal from Christi’an, the track is a call for unity on the dancefloor. The song also features Ann Saunderson who worked the vocal production on the song, while she also featured on the background vocals with her and Kevin’s youngest son, Diaz.

It’s 35 years since Kevin and Paris, perhaps the best know configuration of Inner City, struck Gold and Platinum with their hits “Big Fun” and “Good Life” and continued the trend into 1989 with “Ain’t Nobody Better” and “Do You Love What You Feel?”. “Reach” is a renewed commitment to great Dance music featuring a strong family core, and with two generations of Saunderson men in the studio, Inner City are poised to enjoy the good life as much today as they did in the 80’s!

Inner City 1988

Inner City 2023

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