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FRESH: ‘Padam Padam’ – Kylie Minogue

The tension mounts as Kylie returns!


…it’s the sound your heartbeat makes! According the Kylie that is. Heartbeat rock? Or perhaps the line in “Sweet Music” that goes “Every heartbeat baby is the soundtrack to your life”.

Kylie’s soundtrack takes a new and very different turn today with the release of the first single proper from her upcoming sixteenth studio album, “Tension”.

“Padam Padam”, produced by Peter Rycroft aka Lost Boy (Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora) who also co-wrote the song with Ina Wroldsen, couldn’t be more different from anything she’s recorded before, although there are shades of “Confide In Me” in there, mixed with some “Cherry Bomb”. If I’ve never said it before, expect the unexpected with Kylie and she delivers with this breathy, sultry effort that may need a few listens before you get the hang of it.

Whatever, having teased us with “10 Out Of 10” a few months ago with Oliver Heldens, Kylie embarks on another adventure having recharged herself from the seamlessly neverending “Disco” years and makes a return to the Dance floor with an electro-Pop sound that takes her back to the “Fever” years of the early 21st century (it sounds such a long time now!). “Tension”, we are promised, is loaded with euphoric, uplifting techno-dance anthems which could make this her bounciest album since “Aphrodite” or at the very least, “Fever”.

It’s 35 years since she released her self-titled debut album in June 1988 and “Tension” is promised this September (22nd), which will include “10 Out Of 10” along with a heady mix of new songs with bizarre titles such as “Vegas High” and “Padam Padam”. Kylie has worked with some new producers this time as well as reuniting with some old friends, including Richard ‘Biff’ Stannard, along the way. The question is, how much tension can you handle…?(!)

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