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FRESH: ‘America’ – sadHAPPY

sadHAPPY departs “America” for new horizons


Introducing sadHAPPY. Better known as Aaron Smith, who has previously gifted us songs such as “Unconditional” and “You”, his new project kicks off with the beautiful new song, “America”.

The Scottish electronic-pop singer-songwriter is set to make waves this Summer with the first track from his forthcoming debut EP under his new moniker.

“America” is co-written by sadHAPPY with the song’s producer Lewis Gardiner and Ryan Lawrie. It combines sadHAPPY’s soulful vocals with a shimmering, sun-kissed pop production that puts a twist on his bittersweet lyrics. He sings: “I guess I’ll leave you in America. I wanna bet it’s easier forgetting ya, out on the road, I gotta go without ya…”.

The buoyant new single is the latest from sadHAPPY following his own singles last year – the feel-good disco bop “Better Everyday” and “Giving Up”. Aaron has opened for Ellie Goulding on tour and earned praise from a growing section of the music press. Aaron says the name sadHAPPY is inspired by the juxtaposition of life’s highs and lows, serving as a reminder to embrace both while working towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Aaron describes himself as a “professional overthinker”, which is not bas considering the level of material he has written and recorded thus far. Having already proved himself by his real name, he’s now really upped his game with his new guise, and “America” deserves all the praise and air time for being a thoroughly decent tune that leans easy on the ear.

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