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THEN & NOW: ‘Mmm Bop’ – Hanson

One of the most annoying songs ever written, or recorded? Hanson’s “Mmm Bop” is back, 25 years later and the American trio have teamed up with British band Busted for “Mmm Bop 2.0”! The ‘boys’ from Oklahoma have re-recorded their debut smash with the British trio as part of Busted’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

Busted have reworked two of their own earlier hits, “Loser Kid” and “Meet You There” already with Canadian group Simple Plan and Welsh group Neck Deep, now they go the other way and join forces with Hanson for a retelling of their breakout global hit that went to number one in over a dozen countries during 1997 and 1998, becoming one of the biggest sellers of the year.

Now in their 30’s and early 40’s, Hanson are still together and released the album “Red Green Blue” only last year, while having regrouped in 2016, Busted released their most recent album in 2019, “Half Way There”, which debuted at No.2 in the UK. Can you handle more “Mmm Bop”? See if this still grabs you…!

“Mmm Bop” 1997

“Mmm Bop” 2023

The Busted 20th Anniversary & Greatest Hits Tour kicks off this year across the UK