Coming To You Live

As I get ready to go and watch the fabulous Sheryl Crow live in Glasgow it makes me realise that music is so much better when you hear a live version and, if you are really lucky, see the performance live too.

What songs would I include on my mix-tape of live music I have had the pleasure of seeing performed live?

“Profit In Peace” by Ocean Colour Scene

This is one of my favourite bands ever and I have been lucky enough to see them perform live on quite a few occasions. The first time I seen them was during an open air concert at Aberdeen beach and this is one of the songs they played. They are amazing live and they always remember to include an Aberdeen date on their tours – a lot of artists forget us, so thank you Ocean Colour Scene.

“Snow” by JJ72

JJ72 had so much potential to go on and be great but sadly split up after their second album. Thankfully, I managed to catch them live before that and I do have both of their albums.

“Flowers In The Window” by Travis

Travis – a brilliant Scottish band and fantastic live. This performance was from a New Year’s Eve celebration street party in Aberdeen and I was actually there. I love this song:

“Like A Prayer” by Madonna

I was here too! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity – I saw Madonna live. It was incredible! An amazing atmosphere and a brilliant performance. However, what I don’t understand is why people go to these events and spend the entire time filming it on their cameras, phones or whatever. Soak up the moment people!

“The Story” by Brandi Carlile

I was almost here. I was so close to seeing Brandi Carlile perform live in Aberdeen – I had the tickets and everything. Sadly some stupid volcano decided to erupt, cause a stupid ash cloud and this affected Brandi’s tour dates. It has never since and I doubt ever will be rescheduled. This is great live version of the song and every time at 2:50 I get goosebumps when she sings:

What is the best live performance you’ve ever been to?