REVIEW: Sheryl Crow – Glasgow Royal Concert Halls

Sheryl Crow Live

I achieved one of my life long musical ambitions by attending a Sheryl Crow concert at The Glasgow Royal Concert Halls.

To say I was excited about finally seeing her is an understatement. Ever since the release of her self titled album, Sheryl Crow, I’ve been a massive fan. Not so popular with the younger generation these days but she still has her loyal fan base who continue to follow her career and they all came out to show their support in Glasgow.

It was my first time at this venue and we had seats at the front of the arena stalls. There was a standing area but my days of standing at concerts have passed and I had a great view from where I was sitting. There was also a blind man sitting next to me whose guide dog kept inching closer to me as the evening progressed.

The support act was Red Sky July and I can only describe them as The X Factor’s Blonde Electra’s Country Singing Aunts featuring Simon Cowell’s brother on guitar:

Don’t get me wrong, they were fantastic but their type of country songs being what they are i.e. mostly depressing they didn’t 100% fulfill their objective of warming up the audience.

Sheryl comes on and immediately throws all her hits at us in the most awesome introductory set. I initially thought there was a lack of crowd interaction but she soon talked to us all and had quite obviously done her Scottish homework making her audience feel very special.

Her band were also phenomenal even although it looked like they’d all been to the same “perm hairdresser” and got a group discount or to quote The Guardian:

“resembling a beanpole version of the Flying Burrito Brothers”

The stage hands also done a fabulous job as it seemed there were about 100 guitar changes and they were all as slick as the performances of the songs themselves.

Leave the smart phone alone!

I knew every song that she played and was so caught up in the moment. I still can’t beleive that people choose to use their smartphones and tablets to film the performance rather than live in this moment. Do these people honestly go home and rewatch the much, much inferior version of the show? A show they were actually at and not truly appreciating! I did think about taking notes on my phone of all the songs Sheryl played for the purpose of writing it up in this blog but I thought against it as I might have missed something.

You do miss things when you spend time messing about on your phone, for example, you would miss things such as the fact that during “Strong Enough” the drummer didn’t use drumsticks but drummed the entire song using his bare hands – I was fascinated by this and thought it was amazing!

For some bizarre reason the bar was closed during the main show meaning we couldn’t get any more beers but perhaps that was for the best and I can actually remember every song that was performed.

Almost all of the songs that I wanted to hear were delivered by this amazing artist which is quite impressive considering how many brilliant songs she has to fit into a set list that will please everyone. A fabulous set list that could have been, for me, magnificent if “I Shall Believe” had been included. I’m not going to cry about it though and I shall believe that I will hear these if I am lucky enough to see Sheryl live again.

Thanks Sheryl and it did make me happy – very!

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