The Legend That Is…Rick Astley

RickAstleyIt has been said before that I am obsessed with everything 80s, especially the music, so how awesome was it when I heard one of the biggest legend of the 80s on Radio 2 this morning? Who was it? Rick Astley, of course!

I’ll clarify now – listeners of Radio 2 were once upon a time cool listeners of Radio 1 that have just grown up!

Rick Astley was on Chris Evan’s Breakfast show as he has a new song out at the moment and the last thing I expected was for him to open by singing…yes, wait for it – “Never Gonna Give You Up” – a modern and live version!

He then went on to perform a cover of George Ezra’s “Budapest” which was brilliant…

Watch Rick’s new video and be glad he is on our airwaves once again.

Remember though, once you’ve been Rickrolled you will never be the same again…

Do you have a favourite Rick Astley song? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @PopAndTalk


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