The Legend That Is…Rick Astley

It has been said before that I am obsessed with everything 80s, especially the music, so how awesome was it when I heard one of the biggest legends of the 80s on Radio 2 to promote his last album ’50’?

Who was it? Rick Astley, of course!

I’ll clarify now – listeners of Radio 2 were once upon a time cool listeners of Radio 1 that have just grown up!

Rick Astley was on Chris Evan’s Breakfast show as he has a new song out at the moment and the last thing I expected was for him to open by singing…yes, wait for it – “Never Gonna Give You Up” – a modern and live version!

He then went on to perform a cover of George Ezra’s “Budapest” which was brilliant…

Rick has a brand new album out now and it is, of course, awesome!

Remember though, once you’ve been Rickrolled you will never be the same again…

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