Eurovision UK 2017: You Decide - Rumours, Rejects & Requests

Eurovision UK 2017: You Decide – Rumours, Rejects & Requests

Eurovision You Decide

UK Eurovision 2017

On Monday 23rd January the 6 songs selected for possible UK selection will be revealed with a live voting show to follow on Friday.

I really hope we get it right again but sometimes that’s not enough. We need to get it right, support it, promote it and basically sell the shit out of it to the rest of Europe. Not only sell the song but sell our belief in Eurovision and that we take it at least half seriously. The rest of Europe does – so why can’t we (ignore Brexit okay, it’s a song competition guys!)

There’s not been many leaks about who the UK entry could be…but there’s been a few. There’s also been some rejects surface from the public submissions and of course we all have our ‘oh I wish it could be them’ opinions. So, I give to you Rumours, Rejects & Requests…


Nikk Magger

Nikk was a member of the boyband Phixx and was more recently seen failing to get past audition stage on X Factor.


The fun-as-fuck five piece have recently reunited just in time for Eurovision and well, they’ve got Eurovision pretty much written all over them!

Emmelie de Forest

It’s no secret that this previous Danish Eurovision winner has been involved in songwriting at the BBC Eurovision camp but will the UK pull her out the bag and make her sing the song too?


Twisted Rio – ‘Back To That’

This is actually pretty good and I think there is a hint of Justin Bieber’s production influence in there – as well as some Jess Glynn noises during the intro.

Kim Shepherd – ‘Tear Up The Dark’

A nice ditty despite the fact that it’s about a boy going blind!

Her Eyes Untied – ‘This Love’

Erm, wtf is this bullshit?


If it was up to me – who would I send? Well, listen up UK Eurovision song pickers – take a listen to what type of music is popular in Sweden, look for a UK artist that kind of fits with that – oh and ideally from Scotland since we actually still want to be in the EU. And what do you get..?

CHVRCHES – ‘Bury It’

Hopefully it won’t be all doom and gloom come this time next week and let’s end this on a lighter note. These two girls were so annoyed (and possibly a bit drunk) after last year’s UK’s scoring that they went on camera and sang a song about it…

What about you? Who would you like to be put forward for the UK? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @PopAndTalk

Eurovision UK 2017: You Decide - Rumours, Rejects & Requests