Songs Released In 1987

Following on from the very successful post ’20 Songs That Will Be Turning 20 In 2017′ I have decided to go a little further back in time and make myself feel EVEN older!

1987 was possibly the first year that I actually started listening to music properly so the late 80s will always be a very special time for me when it comes to songs from that era

I was 9 in 1987, I’m sure there are photos of me somewhere but unfortunately fortunately I have none at the moment. However when I look at this photo it does make me remember some of the outfits I did wear…

There have always been songs that when I hear, instantly take me back to those times.

However, in 2017 – these songs are turning 30 and although that does make me feel super old it’s a good chance to properly reminisce about some of them to see if they have stood the test of time. In no particular order, here are some my favourites…

‘Take My Breath Away’ – Berlin

Released: 15 June, 1987

UK Chart Position: 1

Not only a classic 80s power ballad but also the soundtrack to a classic 80s movie. Other than memories of the song I can also recall this being one of the first ever songs I sang on karaoke.

‘Walk Like An Egyptian – The Bangles

Released: 14 May 1986

UK Chart Position: 3

Although technically released in 1986 this became popular in the UK in 1987 so since it’s my memories – it counts OK. One of the most successful all girl groups ever and defo one of my favourites!

‘Heartache’ – Pepsi & Shirlie

Released: 5 January, 1987

UK Chart Position: 2

Originally the backing singers from Wham! this was their first and biggest hit as a duo.

‘Stay Out Of My Life’ – Five Star

Released: 9 February 1987

UK Chart Position: 9

Apparently this group was designed to be ‘The British Jacksons’. I loved them, they had a string of hits and then went bankrupt…as you do!

‘Sonic Boom Boy’ – Westworld

Released: 2 February 1987

UK Chart Position: 11

Westworld were an electronic rock band and I still listen to this song regularly and I’m still convinced this could be hit should it be released today!

‘Everything I Own’ – Boy George

Released: 17 March 1987

UK Chart Position: 1

This is Boy George post Culture Club but pre chaining people to radiators and keeping them locked up in your flat. Every time I hear this song I am instantly taken back to hearing it while having a Sunday night bath while listening to the Top 40 on the radio – ah those were the days!

‘La Isla Bonita’ – Madonna

Released: 25 February, 1987

UK Chart Position: 1

A nice summery song from Madge. This was one of the songs that had ‘misheard lyrics‘ for me as I was convinced she was singing ‘young girl with eyes like potatoes’. Oh well – the stupidity of youth!

‘Respectable’ – Mel & Kim

Released: 18 February, 1987

UK Chart Position: 1

I am sure this is where my love of Stock, Aitken & Waterman music all began. This is an 80s classic and I was very sad when Mel passed away so tragically young.

‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody‘ – Whitney Houston

Released: 2 May, 1987

UK Chart Position: 1

Whitney, Whitney, Whitney – where did it all go wrong. She defo had a great career ahead of her on the back of this song and it is still one of my all time favourite songs to sing along to in the car.

‘Heaven Is A Place On Earth‘ – Belinda Carlisle

Released: 18 September 1987

UK Chart Position: 1

From the 1st split second of this song I am instantly in a great mood – it’s just one of those kind of songs. Although, I do remember first listening to the lyrics and starting to get really upset about dying!

That’s my list of 10 and it was a tough call and if I had to do it again it would be different each time. You can see a list of all songs released in 1987 here, although I’m sure it’s not an exhaustive list…

I also started a discussion on the subreddit Popheads to share their favourites with me and here’s what they said…

Reddit Popheads

I’ve added all these songs AND MORE to a Spotify playlist and called it…

Songs FRom 1987

What about you? What songs would you pick out from 1987?


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