EUROVISION 1960: London, United Kingdom

Eurovision 1960 Songs

The fifth Eurovision Song Contest in 1960 was held in London.

Hang on! Didn’t The Netherlands win last year? Why did they not host the contest?

Apparently, the Netherlands Television Foundation declined to host another contest so soon after staging the event in 1958 and the honour of hosting the contest therefore passed to the United Kingdom, which had come second in 1959.

There were 13 entrants this year and Norway appeared for the first time.

The United kingdom entered Bryan Johnson who sang “Looking High, High, High”. He might have looked high but wow – that voice! It could potentially make you s**t yourself! Good effort though – it finished in 2nd place.

Siw Malmkvist from Sweden was next and sang “Alla Andra Får Varann”  (All The Others Get Each Other). If this was in colour and it turned out she had ginger hair I would swear it was the Swedish Cilla Black!

The Luxembourg entry was performed by Camillo Felgen with the song “So Laang We’s Du Do Bast“” (As Long As You Are There). I think the title of the song was chosen on the basis that he might have bored the audience so much that they f***ed off for a wander down the Thames…and they probably did!

Denmark were represented by Katy Bødtger singing “Det Var En Yndig Tid (It Was A Lovely Time). Katy was certainly dressed for a lovely time…with Mary Poppins perhaps? All together now – “oh, it’s a jolly holiday with Mary…

Belgium’s song title was “Mon Amour Pour Toi” (My Love For You) and was sung by Fud Leclerc. Yes, it’s Fud again – oh, you just can’t keep a good Fud down! Sadly, Fud never won – is that ironic?

Nora Brockstedt from Norway took the honour of representing her country for their first appearance and sang  “Voi Voi” (There is no English translation – I’m sorry but what the f*** does Voi mean?). I’m off to ask Nora as she seemed to shout it an awful lot!

Harry Winter from Austria performed the song “Du Hast Mich So Fasziniert” (You Have Fascinated Me So Much). I’m pretty sure this guy won Britain’s Got Talent a few years ago.

Monaco were represented by François Deguelt singing “Ce Soir-Là” (That Evening). People could sing the Bible in the French accent and I would still love it!

Anita Traversi sang “Cielo e Terra” (Heaven And Earth) for Switzerland. Any relation to Jane McDonald or the girl from Malta in 2000?

Rudi Carrell was up next for The Netherlands singing “Wat Een Geluk” (What Luck).  This certainly woke people up and did NOT deserve to finish in 2nd last place!

Wyn Hoop flew the flag for Germany with a song called “Bonne Nuit Ma Chérie” (Goodnight My Darling). Really? It’s meant to be the start of the swinging Sixties and all the songs this year just seem so depressing!

Renato Rascel performed for Italy with the song “Romantica” (Romantic). Oh come on! 

And the winners? Jacqueline Boyer from France got the most points with a song called “Tom Pillibi”. To be fair she could have farted to an uptempo beat and it would have been better than all the others this year but well done on the win!

If that’s not enough for you and you want more – there is a recording of the full performance!

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