What Exactly Is A Jedward?

What Exactly Is A Jedward?

Who are Jedward?

Jedward are everyones favourite Irish, X Factor reject, Eurovision losing twins. They recently entered the UK Celebrity Big Brother house for a second time.

Here at Talk About Pop Music we don’t care about Big Brother but we do care about Eurovision so let’s take a closer look at who or what makes up a ‘Jedward’.

Their last attempt at Eurovision was “Waterline” in 2012 which despite being written by a Swedish songwriter and having fantastic energy and a catchy tune it finished a very disappointing 19th…

Their initial attempt in 2011 was “Lipstick” which was a little less polished than “Waterline” but fared a lot better and finished an impressive 8th…

Jedward’s musictastic journey from being two untalented, annoying, immature boys on The X Factor to Planet Jedward, where they are now two talented but still annoying, young men has been a rollercoaster ride. At the height of their X Factor days televisions in living rooms everywhere were being abused…

Following this they had a couple of “annoying” hits but then they did a fantastic job of representing their country on the world stage, twice! They have cleverly built up their own brand and it is quite obvious their talents have improved substantially as they have started producing quality songs with quality videos such as “Luminous” and “Free Spirit”…

Can they actually sing? That’s the ultimate question which is ultimately answered in their cover of Coldplay’s “Sky Full Of Stars”…

Jedward are fun, have Eurovision running through their veins and the world would be a less fun place without them.

If they ever make it back to Eurovision should they come alone or should they collaborate with their female equivalents? If ever there was a female Jedward then Blonde Electra from X Factor UK 2014 are it…

Imagine that they did team up, it could either be a marriage made in Eurovision-heaven or the start of Eurovision-agedden but either way it would be amazing to watch!

Oh and don’t forget about Sharknado – how could you?

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