Lonnie Gordon


“Believe me, but it’s happenin’ all over again” sang Lonnie Gordon at the very beginning of 1990, and then…?

After spending the 1980’s creating pop magic, Stock Aitken Waterman entered the 1990’s with a new spirit. The music world and taste had begun to shift away from bubblegum pop towards harder-edged dance music. Aware of this change, the hit songwriting/production team entered the new decade with a more serious sounding pop that would appeal to the clubs as well. The first taste of this new direction came in the first few weeks of January.

The song “Happenin’ All Over Again” was recorded by Philadelphia born singer Lonnie Gordon. She began her career singing in Harlem nightclubs before moving with her husband to London in the late 1980’s. She resumed her career singing vocals on a number of club anthems for groups such as Offshore and Quartzlock. In 1989 she worked with DJ and producer Simon Harris on the song “(I’ve Got Your) Pleasure Control” which became a minor hit in the UK.

Supreme Records signed her and began working on her debut album “If I Have To Stand Alone”. She met with S.A.W. late in 1989 as was given “Happenin’ All Over Again” after Donna Summer had not shown up for a recording session. It entered the UK chart at No.32 and three weeks later secured itself at No.4 spending two weeks at that position and selling over 200,000 copies there. The song charted high across Europe, but it wasn’t until 1993 that it hit the US charts, reaching No.98 on the singles chart and No.1 on the dance chart.

The hit was due to be followed by “How Could He Do This To Me” but this was scrapped in favour of the ballad “Beyond Your Wildest Dreams” which stalled at No.48. It was later recorded by Sybil who took it a little further to No.41 in 1993.

She released the title track of her album next which stopped at No.68 in the UK. The album was released in 1991 but made no impact on the charts in any country. She returned to the Top 40 that year with the song “Gonna Catch You” written and produced by dance act Blackbox (“Ride On Time”). The song reached No.32 in the UK, No.79 in the US and once again topped the US dance chart.

Since then Lonnie has remained in the clubs, her first love and recorded a number of successful dance tunes that have charted high on the UK dance charts. These include “Bad Mood” (1993), “Do You Want It?” (1994) and “Dirty Love” (1996). In 1996 she recorded her version of Stevie Wonder’s hit “If You Really Love Me” which reached No.42 on the US dance chart. In 2002 she joined Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas playing the narrator of ‘Zumanity’. She returned to the UK a year later and formed her own record label Gordon Records and released a number of anthology’s and dance remix albums.

She continues to tour and support HIV/AIDS benefits charities worldwide, something she has always given much time towards. For us all though, Lonnie heralded in a new decade of Stock Aitken Waterman chart success with a quite stonking dance anthem that even gained new ears for the hit making trio. So let it happen all over again. And again. And again…!

Lonnie Gordon

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