Matilda Eyre

FRESH: ‘FYA’ – Matilda Eyre

London-based German artist Matilda Eyre recently released her debut ‘FYA’, which is an eerie indie-pop ode to self worth, inner joy and ferocity.

by Christopher Smith

Matilda Eyre’s first solo output into the world is a bold one. As she herself describes, the core is eerie indie-pop, but more than moving shadows, suspense and catchy hooks, Eyre uses her music as a vessel to speak about matters close to her heart. With ‘FYA’ (meaning ‘For Your Approval’), Eyre’s distinct and subtly gritted vocal sings of lost intentions of the unrestricted child mind, instead replaced by societal and familial expectations.

“FYA is a song about self-worth. Short for ‘For Your Approval’, it’s an intimate story about childhood and the stories we make up about ourselves early on. Coming into this life fierce, wild and carefree, we are being shaped by our surroundings until we lose ourselves and start looking for external validation. FYA is an ode to your inner joy and ferocity.”

Originally from Germany, Matilda Eyre has made her home in London, further honing her skills as a producer, musician and singer. She’s found herself increasingly drawn to the eerie soundscapes of alternative pop and electronica; melding delicate melodies and intricate instrumentals into her narratives of past lives, strangers and lovers.

During her time in London, Matilda Eyre has worked with a variety of artists from hip-hop to indie-electro and taken her eerie soundscapes into the live setting on many occasions. Highlights so far include, supporting San Scout at The Waiting Room, Mahogany Session performance at Mahogany Music Club, and in June 2017 Eyre took part in the Ableton Show (SAMPLEnHOLD) in Los Angeles.

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