FRESH: ‘My Toy’ – L.A.D.

Synth-funk trio L.A.D. are back with a new single “My Toy” that screams of 80’s awesomeness!

L.A.D are a synth funk trio from Reading with a shared love of 80s nostalgia. Multi instrumentalists Jack and Luke, having spent years accumulating vintage synths, guitars and drum machines, have teamed up with ginger bombshell Natalie to update the music they love. After spending the last six months making all kinds of noises in the studio, the debut album is on its way.

They make truly epic Top Of The Pops style classics reminiscent of Madonna at her very pinnacle circa “Holiday” / “Get Into The Groove” when she had Nile Rodgers bringing that Chic style heat to the mixing desk and consequentially tearing off the roof at every club the world over, however there is still a freshness that UK RnB artists like Kelela and Ray BLK are bringing to the clubs owing much to this sound that is present here too.

With new synth-busting single “My Toy”, the trio fail to disappoint again and capture all of the nostalgia of being a child born in the 80’s, painstakingly re-constructing the sound, this time with a sprinkling of K-Pop spice.

I don’t think there’s a band out there that sound as legitimately 80’s but in the best possible way. They capture all of that nostalgia of being a child born in the era and have painstakingly re-constructed the sound via analogue keyboards, tape loops, drum machines and fuzzy guitars. Whether a fan of the era or not either way it’s an instantly emotive and striking track.

Whether a fan of the era or not either way it’s an instantly emotive and striking track and with the likes of Complex and Earmilk already on board, things can only get more heated for L.A.D.

For more on the group, check out their WEBSITE or their FACEBOOK page!

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