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Whatever I do, wherever I go, I’m never getting over Hazell Dean. But I still don’t know who’s leaving who. Can you tell me?

Hazell Dean. THE Queen of Hi-NRG music. I bet you can name at least three of her smash hit singles! They’re still being played and enjoyed today as they were over thirty years ago.

She’s been recording music since the mid 1970’s, but it was the 80’s that sealed Hazell Dean’s place in music history, with her catchy, upbeat pop/dance numbers that delighted teenagers and young adults growing up during that decade.

After a number on non-starters, Hazell first broke the chart in 1983 with “Searchin’ (I Gotta Find A Man)” which reached the dizzy heights of No.76 in the UK. The single would be re-released the following year and reached a new high of No.6, as well as charting across Europe. Following hot on the heals of “Seachin” was “Evergreen” which did slightly better in reaching No.63 in the UK. After “Searchin”s second and more successful release in 1984, the hits started to roll. “Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)” went further, reaching No.4 in the UK and again proving a massive hit across Europe.

For the next few years, Hazell seemed to be denyed chart success, with her singles “Back In My Arms (Once Again)”, “No Fool (For Love)” and “They Say It’s Gonna Rain” all stalling just short of the UK Top 40. Although “They Say It’s Gonna Rain” did top the chart in South Africa!

She would have to wait till 1988 to regain her place in our affections, returning with the massive hit “Who’s Leaving Who?“, which equalled “Whatever I Do”s UK chart high of No.4, as well as becoming her highest charting single across Europe.

She returned that Summer with “Maybe (We Should Call It A Day)” (she does likes song titles in brackets, doesn’t she!) which reached No.15 in the UK and made the chart in Germany and Switzerland.

And that Autumn released “Turn It Into Love”, a track from Kylie’s multi-platinum debut album. Hazell’s version would make No.21 in the UK and No.30 in Switzerland.

The hits died off at the end of the 80’s. Since then, Hazell has continued to record and release music. Her singles “Love Pains” (1989), “Better Off Without You” (1991) and “Power And Passion” (1994) charted in the lower depths of the UK singles chart. She even recorded her version of ABBA’s mighty hit “The Winner Takes It All” in 1996 and took it to No.82 in the UK charts! Her “Greatest Hits” album of 1996 (Spotify below), however, is such a joy to listen to and to worship all that is great about Hazell Dean again (and again!).

Hazell has never stopped making live appearances and touring. She has been a headline act at this years Let’s Rock 80’s Retro festival across the UK.

Hazell Dean

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